Selling Books isn’t Supposed to be Like this!

So we decided to sell my books at Woolmers Maker’s Market (Tasmania) before Christmas – We got copies of my books sent from America, we bought a fold up table, directors chairs, a tent, display stands and Sue made a table cloth. The weather had been sunny in the mid twenties for a month, beautiful weather in fact. We put up the tent as a practice run, it was like trying to get a newly born horse to stand up and then the wind blew up and blew it away it was a piece of crap good for nothing. Then,two days before the market it started to rain and kept raining. I couldn’t take my books to a market and sit in the rain and try to sell them, to my relief the market was cancelled! Anyone want to buy a book? No it’s all good I will be taking the books to a Maker’s Market after Christmas, as long as it doesn’t rain, and I am going to the Bay of Fires Arts Festival where I will take a writing studio and sell my books at their Arts Market. Wish me luck!

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