The Food we Eat

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Sue has just read an interesting book by Nina Teicholz The Big Fat Surprize, and in it she states that the LOW FAT DIET is a fraud and is causing all sorts of health problems and in fact we should be eating saturated fats, full cream milk, cream, fatty meat, eggs etc. It’s probably a pretty good idea as that is the sort of food Sue and I eat, Sue leaves out the meat and we don’t eat sugar, and everyone can’t believe how slim we look.

There is another book Pure White and Deadly by Englishman John Yudkin and he believes that the worst thing we eat is Sugar, not a message everyone can swallow though.

My own belief is that if we eat what people have eaten throughout time especially before the industrial revolution, do a bit of exercise and keep our mind active then we will be healthy.

I was going to add a picture of our cookbook but I failed so I’ll just tell you about it briefly: It’s called Sugar Free Cooking in Sue’s Vegetarian Kitchen and is available as a book or as a download on Amazon check it out.

Cheers Tony

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