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Books by Anthony E Thorogood

Jack Hamma: Action Adventures
Shakespeare on the Roof:
Jack Hamma, an SAS Special Forces Commando, is sent on a top secret mission to assassinate a terrorist leader who is bunkered down on an island in the Indian Ocean. The action has only just begun when Jack and his co-assassin are ambushed by right wing terrorists. Jack is the action hero par excellence but has he met his match in the form of the beautiful Kashmere?
In Bed with Jane Austen:
Jack Hamma receives an emergency phone call to escort a seventeen year old girl home from school but the Russian mafia has other ideas.
Picnic with Picasso:
Jack awakes to find himself incarcerated in a completely blacked out dungeon. Who imprisoned him? Can he get away?
Miss Marple Struts Her Stuff:
Jack Hamma is at it again. This is a relentless and, dare I say it, humorous thriller where every move is a false start and every clue is a red herring.
Hi Jack:
Jack is in trouble, he is chained and cemented and thrown off the side of a boat – I was out cold until I hit the water. It was freezing and I immediately awoke. My senses had no time to figure out what was going on, I was in the sea, it was cold, I was heavy and sinking fast.
Poirot Packs A Punch:
Jack is on Stags Head Moor in the north of England. The hunt is on and he is the hunted – The bullet was so close I could feel the air move as it whizzed past my head. A second bullet came even closer, if it was possible to get even closer without hitting me. Blood was running down my forehead and into my eyes, I had been hit.
Blind Man’s Buff:
Jack is in the Australian Bush, it’s pitch black, there’s a thunderstorm and an old tree crashes down, Jack takes shelter from the thunder, lightning and torrential rain and then he hears a scream.
Licensed to Thrill:
Jack, the beautiful Breanna Amore and the manic Manooka are climbing a sheer cliff, two thousand feet high. Breanna is leading, she moves up the rock face, gets a new hold, Jack looks up and the rock face begins to crumble.

Continental Drift: Romantic Travel Adventures
Sex Sardines & Sauerkraut:
Texas is a feisty beauty from the USA Axel is a good looking novice from Australia. They meet at a border crossing in India, they are stranded, the border guards refuse to let them through. Axel saves the day but Texas isn’t ready to owe him anything not even a thank you. Will love sparkle or will it wilt and die? ‘Not as much sex as I expected but plenty of sauerkraut!’
The Curly Wurley Sex Machine:
Johnathon Marvel had it all. The youngest billionaire in the world according to Time Magazine but Johnathon’s world collapses and his various business ventures go belly up. Jonathon does what any sane person would do in his situation, he makes a run for it.
Love in the Land of Milk and Honey:
Ash didn’t have much of a childhood, his mother left before he was old enough to remember her and his father was a drunken bum, but Ash makes good. There is only one problem, he feels nothing for nobody. Ash takes off on an around the world marathon eventually hanging out with a couple of members of the Irish Republican Army but then he meets Adelaide a girl who knows her own mind and the fireworks begin.
A Foxtrot Through India:
Opposites in every way, Josh and Samantha are kindred spirits from vastly different worlds. Falling deeply and powerfully in love, their attraction to one another defies everything they believe in, they share a passion that is bound to erupt like a volcano and then, who knows?

Bigfoot Littlefoot & West:
A series of madcap comic extravaganzas – the Marx Brothers and Agatha Christie all thrown into one.
Death in the Australian Outback:
In Alice Springs, Constable Elizabeth West of the Territory Police is being interviewed for a promotion, it is an interview like no other. There is a drive by shooting, a double suicide, a shot is fired as a boy tries to protect his mother, West is shot at by a gang of bikies, a woman goes missing and West is abducted by a ruthless killer.
Murder Mayhem and Madness:
Chief inspector Bigfoot wakes up in bed with a naked woman who just happens to be dead.
Murder in the Australian Back Blocks:
Detective Bigfoot and Sergeant Elizabeth West are stalked by a heavily armed gunman in the Australian Outback.
Death in the Sydney Opera House:
A young woman turns up dead on Sydney’s Bonga-Bonga Beach. There are a string of murders in the Sydney Opera House…an utterly crazy comic whodunit.
Murder Moves to London:

Our famous trio are on exchange in London England but life isn’t all tourist buses and ice creams. A bank manager is shot dead and Police Sergeant West is stalked by a serial killer.
The Elizabeth West Mysteries:
The precursor to the Death in the Australian Outback Series. Murder most foul comes to northern England and it is up to career woman Police Constable Elizabeth West to sort out the mess. Diabolical, haunting and a darn good read.

Non Fiction and Other Works
Freewheeling Tony’s Bicycle Book:
‘As a cyclist I found it entertaining, challenging and in parts, so funny. Very interesting.’
Sugar Free Cooking in Sue’s Vegetarian Kitchen:
Written in conjunction with Sue Thorogood. The eating of sugar can cause obesity, cancer, diabetes and dementia, that’s the bad news, the good news is that you can create fabulous and tasty food without the little white crystals. Have a look at our cookbook it contains a brilliant collection of vegetarian recipes that even carnivores love to eat.
Cider Drink It Make It Cook with It:
If you like cider and want to know about its history, how to cook with it and how to make it then this is the book for you. Includes a history of cider in Australia
Melting Moments:
A book of comic quips about girlfriends, boyfriends, wives, husbands, working, eating, drinking, sleeping, God, life, death and the universe.

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  1. HI Tony. I’ve just read all about you,your books and your life in australia since leaving woolwich.keep up the good work.

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