Jack Hamma Action Adventures

1. Shakespeare on the Roof:
Jack Hamma is sent on a secret mission to an island, the whole place oozes danger, and to make it even worse Jack discover his commanding officer isn’t all he seems.

2. In Bed with Jane Austen:
SAS Commando turned private detective, Jack Hamma, is the minder of a seventeen year old schoolgirl he has to pick her up from school and drop her home, no problem. Then two heavily armed hit men from the Russian Mafia arrive.

3. Picnic with Picasso:
It’s supposed to be Jack Hamma’s wedding day but he finds himself incarcerated in a blacked out room. What is going on?

4. Miss Marple Struts her Stuff:
Private Detective Jack Hamma escorts a beautiful Chinese nurse to the airport, she goes into the ladies room and that’s the last he sees of her. What is he supposed to do now?

5. Hi Jack:
Jack’s estranged father is dying in hospital, how can Jack begin to fill in the missing years?

6. Poirot Packs a Punch:
A schoolgirl arrives at private detective Jack Hamma’s office and wants to pay him to shoot two men dead!

7. Blind Man’s Bluff:
A Mafia boss is beating up a young girl, Jack Hamma comes to the rescue. Things don’t go according to plan the Mafia boss is dead, Jack is blinded and the Mafia want revenge!

8. Licensed to Thrill:
Jack Hamma is just an ordinary bloke who loves his wife but billionairess Brianna Amour has other ideas, she wants his body at any price. Should he take the money and run?

9. Unconditional Surrender:
Jack Hamma’s world falls apart, his wife leaves him, his business collapses and his baby daughter is kidnapped. What else could possibly go wrong?

10. The Ten Musketeers:
Jack Hamma goes to a reunion of his old army mates. It’s not your average reunion the knives come out and he’s at the pointy end. Why would his best mates want to kill him?

11. The Purple Pimpernel:
The Mining Magnate Cornucopia De Medici Crest is one of the riches men in Australia his body is found on the bank of a dry creek in the outback. Who killed him and why?

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